I would visit my grandparents and watch the two of them love each other unconditionally. The two of them taught me that love is meant to last and be one of a kind. It isn't meant to fade as soon as the wedding day is over. The photographs on their walls are a representation of their enduring commitment to one another. I want each and every one of my couples to put those silver frames on the wall, on their desks at work, and on their night stands... to remind them every single day of the commitment they made, their love for one another, and the reason behind their promises. 

I love being able to celebrate my couples' love for one another through everlasting photographs. Being able to watch them grow over the years is honestly my favorite part. If you are head over heels in love with your fiancé and you would love to work with me, head on over to the contact page to learn more! I look forward to hearing from you. 


I am so excited to welcome you to my online home.  Being a wedding photographer is one of the most unique careers that allows me to meet some of the sweetest people and connect with them on an entire new level! My goal is to create timeless, romantic, and classic images for each of my couples. 

I haven’t always been based out of Stafford, VA. I was born in Southern California and moved all the way across the United States to the little town of Fredericksburg.  People here are so passionate, welcoming, and hospitable and being raised with those values has changed my life and my business.